Nutritious eating is essential for a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately it’s not always easy to eat properly, particularly if you’re on the go.  Work, errands, kids, they all get in the way!  The easiest way to keep yourself on track is by including a meal replacement bar as a supplement to your diet.  A good supplement bar can help by acting as a nutritious snack between meals, or in an emergency, can even act as a replacement to one of your main meals.

The pitfall that many people fall into is that many “nutrition” bars out there aren’t very nutritious.  Many have too much sugar, a bad ratio of protein/carbs/fat, or just too many artificial and superfluous ingredients.  Sometimes they can be little more than a over-glorified Snickers bar with some vitamins, and a little extra protein.

However, not all bars are created equal.  One of my personal favorites is the Detour Oatmeal Bar.  I would categorize this bar as more of a meal replacement. (although really, whether or not a bar is a meal replacement or an additional snack, has more to do with how you account for your calories)  Either way, this bar is BIG!  It’s 4.2oz/120g in size. (that’s almost twice as big as some other nutrition bars)


These bars come in three flavors; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Banana, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.  This particular bar is more of what I would call a meal replacement bar.

To make this review simpler, I’ll focus on the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavor, since its my favorite.  The bar is very filling, and actually has a fantastic flavor!  Some bars tend to taste like a candy bar reject, or like a piece of chalk.  Not this one!  The combination of peanut butter, real chocolate chips, and oats make a great combination!  The bar is slightly sweet, without being overly so.  For those looking for a bar that’s less sweet, with a hint of banana flavor, I’d recommend the peanut butter banana flavor.  While not my favorite, a lot of people tend to like that bar as well.   I use this bar as a snack, or even sometimes as a breakfast replacement if I’m on the run.  It goes great with coffee in the morning!


All the flavors are fairly similar in terms of their macro-nutrients.  As mentioned above, I’ll focus on the peanut butter choc chip flavor. This bar has 460 calories.  It would be more of a meal replacement for someone who’s total caloric intake may only be 1500 calories, while more of a supplemental snack for someone who’s caloric intake is around 2500 calories.

The bar has a good balance of macro-nutrients.  It contains 12g of fat, 58g of carbohydrates, and 30g of protein.  The best part, is its secret edge that most bars DON’T have…the fiber!  This baby has 8g of fiber!  That’ll help keep you regular!  Ok, back to the ratio.  This bar has a good ratio of macro-nutrients, aprox 50% of calories coming from carbs, 25% from protein, and 25% from fat.  Those of you who are fans of the “zone” diet (40/30/30) should like this. (actually, the 50/25/25 ratio is actually better if your fairly active)

Now, sometimes bars will look o.k. on the surface, but when you see what makes up the macro-nutrients they tend to fall apart.  Not this bar!  The majority of the carbs are in the form of rolled oats, a great complex carbohydrate!  The protein is also a quality protein, coming mostly in the form of a mix of whey protein concentrate/whey isolate/hydrolyzed whey/calcium caseinate. (pretty good mix, as there are benefits to each of those forms of protein)  Even a good portion of the fats come from either peanuts or peanut oils, etc.  Definitely one of the better fats you can have.

When looking even further into the ingredient label,  there are a couple of ingredients that I’m not thrilled about.  One of which is sucralose, which ideally, wouldn’t be in there.  However, the couple of ingredients that may be of concern, are towards the tail end of the ingredient list.  This means, that they are in there, but only in very small amounts, so I wouldn’t actually worry.

Overall Impression

Overall, I’d highly recommend this bar for anyone.  It contains high quality nutrients, with only a couple of really minor “questionable” ingredients. (no bar is perfect)  It tastes great, and makes for a good supplemental snack or even full meal replacement.  Just alway remember, any type of bar should be used as a SUPPLEMENT to a nutritious diet of REAL food.  You still need those fruits, veggies, etc!

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