Having a hard time losing weight?  Feel like you’re eating everything you should, but still can’t drop much weight?  Need a short-term boost?  Try this 5 day cleanse.  You don’t have to buy any special product. (other than 2 supplements that everyone should be taking every day)  The only supplements involved are a multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement.  Omega-3 can come in fish oil form (both as an actual oil, or a capsule), but omega-3 can also come in flax form. (either as flax seeds, flax oil, or flax pills)  These two supplements should be part of EVERYONE’S daily nutrition.   The other insane caveat:  NO COFFEE or any source of caffeine  for 5 DAYS!!!

Below, I’ll refer to foods in “servings”.  This varies, read the supplement bottle for serving size, and look up or ask me serving sizes for the various foods you’ll be eating, as it varies from food to food.

Disclaimer:  This is not meant to treat or cure any disease!  This is a SHORT-TERM boost.  It is NOT meant to be a long-term method of eating.  Consult your physician if you have any health concerns.

Now for the part we’ve been waiting for…

Day 1

Take 1 serving of your multivitamin and 1 serving of your omega-3

The goal of Day 1 is to eat 5 “meals/snacks”.  Aside from the above supplements, the ONLY thing you’re allowed to eat today is fruits and vegetables, and PLENTY of water.   Remember, NO CAFFEINE!  Breakfast should be fruit & veggies.  It can be what ever you like.  There’s no restriction on the amount of veggies, but you should only eat 1 serving of fruit.  Meal 2 will be a mid morning snack. (Don’t usually get very hungry in the morning?  Trust me, you’ll be hungry eating ONLY veggies and fruit for a day, lol)  Meal 2 is your snack, and should ONLY be 1 fruit.  Meal 3 is lunch.  Again, this can and should be as much as you can eat in veggies.  You can also have a serving of fruit, but ONLY one.  Meal 4 is another snack.  This will be 1 serving of fruit.  Finally, meal 5 will be dinner.  Dinner should ONLY be veggies.  No fruit, just veggies.   Throughout Day1, the goal is also, to try and drink as much water as possible.  8 glasses is the minimum, but more is better!

If you’ve done this correctly, you’ll feel pretty horrible by now.  Just hang in there….Day 2 will be worse, but it WILL get better.

Day 2

This day is EXACTLY as Day 1.  Take all the same supplements.  You still need to avoid the caffeine, and the idea of 5 meals of unlimited veggies and limited fruit still applies.  My only suggestion is to make an effort to vary the veggies and fruit that you eat… if possible.  Also, make sure to continue to drink plenty of water!

Hang in there!  There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Day 3

Ok, now it will start to get a little better.  All the same rules apply as with the first two days….HOWEVER, you can now have 1 serving of dairy at some point during the day.  When you have the dairy is entirely up to you, and it can be in any form.  Milk, yogurt, cheese, whatever floats your boat!   Just make sure it is ONLY 1 SERVING!!!

Day 4

Between the 1 serving of dairy, and the fact that your body has started to flush out some of those stored toxins, you probably are starting to feel a little better now. (maybe you’re just delirious and numb to the pain?)

This day gets better still, Day 4 is like Day 3.  You can have 1 serving of dairy, but now you can also have one serving of beef/chicken/fish.  Take your pick, but be sure to have only 1 serving. (about 4oz, size of a deck of cards analogy usually works well for animal proteins)  You can have the meat whenever you like, but I would recommend spreading the dairy and meat to different parts of the day.  As before, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AND TAKE YOUR SUPPLEMENTS!!!

Day 5

The home stretch!!!  Day 5 is exactly like day 4.  Tons of veggies, some fruit, 1 serving of dairy, 1 serving of beef/chicken/fish.  You’ve done it!  If you’ve made it this far without cheating, you are awesome!!!  You probably feel pretty good, and likely have lost a few pounds as well.

Now the goal is to re-introduce yourself back to “normal” eating.  However you can hopefully use the starchy carbs, caffeine, and animal proteins sparingly.  Continue to take your supplements, and get much of your food from fruits and veggies.  Integrate 1 serving of grains, 2 servings of dairy, 1 serving of meat, and even some occasional nuts into your eating habits.  Ideally, you want to restrict your caffeine intake to just 1 coffee (or equivalent) per day.  You should notice your energy levels are naturally higher without the extra caffeine because of your detox and the fact that you are drinking more water, and eating in a more nutritious manner.


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